Time Management for the Smarter Homeworker

Originally posted on The Smarter Homeworker:

A large part of achieving the work-life balance is, to my mind, being able to work from home, whether it’s as part of a ‘work from home’ policy that your company is running or whether you are self-employed. Working from home is clearly a more efficient use of time since it rules out the time it takes to commute to the work place. And also of energy…

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Hard Time / Soft Time

Originally posted on Dullahan Chronicles:

i_darkI am a firm believer of investing time to become a good writer. When it comes to utilizing time, there are two ways to tasks to explore. The concept of ‘Hard Time’; that period of time spent in from of the typewriter, computer screen, notebook with pen, and the concept of ‘soft time’; that period of time spent in though and reflection on the story you…

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